i3 - Day 6 - Some Modifications

After sitting and stewing on yesterday’s post, I realized that $6.46 a day was just a bit more than I wanted to be spending on food. Yes, it’s a reasonable amount, but I figured with a little thought and a few modifications, I could shave somewhere around a dollar off of the daily bill. I jumped back into The Four Hour Body and re-read the details of the particular plan I’ve been following and found some good news.

1. I’ve been eating primarily chicken as the meat in my meals, but it’s also one of the more expensive meats I could eat. This plan allows for eating turkey, and beef (among others) which can be cheaper. We recently found ground turkey for 99 cents a pound. Yesterday, I browned this up, added a little soy sauce and half a bag of chopped broccoli and I it provided me with three, foul smelling, but decent tasting meals.

2. The plan allows for 2 tablespoons of peanut butter instead of 1/2 cup of nuts. This is beneficial in a couple ways. First, it’s far cheaper, second, it doesn’t make me feel as full as a half of cup of nuts does, and third, it’s a different taste I haven’t had in a while.  

3. The plan also allows for a tablespoon of olive oil to be used in place of a half a cup of nuts or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. This is even cheaper and less filling, and works well because I can use it as a salad dressing. I even did some rooting around in our cupboard and found some chili flavored olive oil, which I’m sure I could put over the meat and broccoli meals for a little extra spice.

So here’s a hypothetical day with some new meals in place of old ones.

Meal 1: 4 eggs

Meal 2: 6 ozs chicken breast with baby spinach and 1 tblsp olive oil

Meal 3: Whey Protein Shake w/8 ozs milk and 1/2 cup of nuts

Meal 4: Turkey and Broccoli mix with 1 tblsp chili olive oil

Meal 5: Whey Protein Shake and 2 tblsps peanut butter

Meal 6: Turkey and Broccoli mix with 1 tblsp chili olive oil

The daily cost breakdown looks like this:

Whey Protein (2 servings) - $1.22

Nuts - $.42

Broccoli - $.66

Spinach - $.50

Chicken - $.50

Turkey - $.66

Peanut Butter - $.30

Milk - $.40

Eggs - $.56

Olive Oil - $.30

For a grand total of $5.52, and a savings of $.94 per day. It doesn’t sound like much, but over the course of a month, that’s $28.20. I plan to continue this plan for 6 weeks, so that’s $169.20 savings.

I have a feeling I’ll probably do chicken twice a day, as compared to turkey twice a day, but still, with the changes I’ve made, that makes the daily total to $5.69 a day, a savings of $.77 a day, $23.10 a month, and $138.60 over the course of the plan.

I feel better about both of these numbers, if for no other reason than they’re better than what I was paying before.

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